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How Much Does It Cost To Study Pharmacy In Nepal

Nepal has one of the shortest course duration in Asia. The average range of tuition fees in Nepal are between 40 - 60 lakhs for a full year course. If you are looking to take practical medical education near to India with the international experience of education, then studying MBBS in Nepal is the best recommendation for Indian students. The BDS fee structure in Nepal, is very affordable fees Indian students. The fees in Nepalees medical colleges total tution fees is 35 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs (its total for 5 years).

The fees structure of BDS in Nepal 50-70 Lakhs. So, This is reason for joining most of the Indian students in Dental colleges in Nepal. S.No. So let's say you have an average of A$15,000 tuition fees per semester and monthly expenses to an average of A$1000. Working legally, this would be a difficult target to achieve, while balancing academics, work and life. But as I have seen many students do, they work for cash in hand with the single aim of paying their fees themselves.


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